Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has just announced today that he is now going to nationalize the private sector electric/gas/ companies stiffing the investors and owners of those companies like he did to the oil investors. He is also considering canceling the debt that Venezuela owes other countries and private lenders. He still wants our money though, but we must take steps to prevent him from getting it.
CITGO is changing its name to "PETRO EXPRESS"
I am forwarding this, because dictator Hugo Chavez, the man who called President Bush a "devil", is starting to feel the loss of revenue from his holdings. He substantially OWNS CITGO.
This is a very important move that everyone should be aware of. It was announced just recently that Citgo, being aware that sales are down due to U.S. customers not wanting to buy from Chavez, has started to change the name of some of their locations to: "Petro Express."
Do Not Buy from "Petro Express!"
"Petro Express" is also 100% owned by communist dictator Chavez. There's not a day that goes by without him "Bad Mouthing" the USA! Yet, he still gets rich off of us by being able to sell his gasoline in the USA. Lets see if we can't change that!
Please keep this memo going so everyone knows what is happening. With enough participation, we can make a lot of Citgo and Petro Express Gas stations dry up!
Unless your tank is bone dry, don't even stop there, and if you have to, only buy a gallon!